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    Future Publications

    We are currently seeking book proposals in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. For more information about submitting a proposal, click here. All books will be published Open Access. 

    Past Publications

    Our previous publications cover wide variety of subject areas. 

    A History of Uncertainty: Bovine Tuberculosis in Britain, 1850 to the Present
    Peter J. Atkins
    A History of Uncertainty tells us that bovine tuberculosis caused 600,000 British deaths between 1848 and 1960, mainly due to infected milk and meat. While media interest focuses on badgers and culling, the situation is far more complex than the headlines suggest. It is likely to be decades before a resolution can be found.

    A Race to the Top: Achieving Three Million More Apprenticeships by 2020
    David Way
    Apprenticeships are the most favoured way of winning the global skills race and giving more young people a great start to their working lives. It is a race that employers and Government want to win. More parents should want it too. How are we doing and how can we ensure this is a race that the UK wins? The book analyses apprenticeships within five main themes: apprenticeship design and quality; promoting apprenticeships; apprenticeships and business; navigating the apprenticeship system; and delivering apprenticeships.

    Alumni Voices
    Stephanie Spencer, Andrea Jacobs and Camilla Leach
    Alumni Voices uses data from an oral history project focusing on the day-to-day experiences of those who studied and worked in one institution to explore a way of writing the history of higher education of the recent past. It includes testimony from many perspectives across the power spectrum. While data from, the University of Winchester, as exemplar, are used, the book reflects many of the changes in higher education within the United Kingdom as a whole over the last sixty years.

    Punching above their Weight: The British Veterinary Association 1882 - 2010
    Edward Boden
    Punching Above Their Weight traces the development of the British Veterinary Association from its origins in late Victorian times into the twenty-first century. It documents the struggle of veterinarians to raise their practice from disorganised pragmatic beginnings to a science-based, politically influential body.

    Theodore Dreiser, The Titan
    Edited by Roark Mulligan
    Winchester University Press is pleased to continue the Dreiser Edition, the venture begun by the University Presses of Illinois and Pennsylvania to publish scholarly editions of the complete works of Theodore Dreiser. Roark Mulligan’s informative notes and commentaries reveal a depth of learning and a sharp critical sensibility. An experienced archivist, he has a strong grip of Dreiser’s compositional methods and the ability to navigate among the various manuscripts and correspondence that preceded the first edition of the book.

    Radio Strainer
    Alys Longley
    This book is part of the kinaesthetic archive project which experiments with how the mobile, textured, abstract and kinaesthetic thinking that occurs in performance research might be articulated through different kinds of writing practices. Each book is composed individually, in different experiments with sequence. Some books are organised around narrative, some around chronology, some in relation to colour, some with the sense of palimpsest of transparent and standard paper. Others are organised around qualities of dramaturgy, text or character. This edition was printed in a limited edition of 40 copies.

    The Foreign Language of Motion
    Alys Longley
    The foreign language of motion experiments with how the mobile, textured, abstract and kinaesthetic thinking that occurs in performance research might be articulated through different kinds of writing practices. The artist book, the kinaesthetic archive performs a series of page works that emerged through one year’s worth of choreographic practice. The accompanying essay discusses practice led and critical issues that contextualise the creative process of choreographic writing.

    Creatures of the Same God: Explorations in Animal Theology
    Andrew Linzey
    In Creatures of the Same God, Andrew Linzey further develops, updates and builds upon the influential work he has produced in the area of animal theology over the past two decades.

    Tradition and Higher Education
    Harold Silver
    Tradition and Higher Education explores centuries-old university traditions and alternatives in higher education institutions that have emerged from other traditions. It explores how higher education has responded to the challenges of change in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and sometimes over longer time scales.

    An Historical Account of Winchester, With Descriptive Walks
    Charles Ball
    This is a timely reprint of the book John Keats is believed to have used as his guide to the city as he composed "Ode to Autumn." Ball's Winchester is packed full of historical detail and cultural reflection allowing the modern reader to trace the development of one of England's most ancient cities.

    Tom Masters
    Mercurial, pluralistic and singular, the publication of the first two books of Silence in a single volume represents the genesis of a radical new form of epic poetry. Embracing the seemingly diverse spheres of apophatic theology and Big Bang cosmology, and drawing inspiration from the works of Ovid, Joseph Beuys and Ezra Pound, the epic seeks to countersignify the divine darkness of a singularity through the juxtaposition of intuitive and rational voices.